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Posted by: Robert

The old blog was looking tired so here's the new look. Let me know what you think. And, yes, that is bamboo flooring in the background.

Paul Kalona wrote:

I like it, but then, I'm me.
06/23/06 09:19:22

Beth wrote:

OK... can't exactly remember the old one... (I did like the camera in a camera photo I opened up originally, though.) Do you really feel this one takes enough risks with the design elements to represent your true character? What's the story behind the bamboo? Is that on NTK priority?
07/10/06 11:10:47

Robert wrote:

The bamboo is an island thing! It used to be a more rustic bamboo. This is a cleaner more polished look. Check out and (Denise's site).
07/10/06 17:21:40

Geri Lyn & Martin Vasquez wrote:

It's good to see you and love your page! Tell your brother we said Hafa! Keep in touch ...
10/01/06 20:27:26

Debbie Carbulliod wrote:

Looks great! Love the bamboo! You're added to my favorites! Hope to see you soon, maybe for UF's birthday (the weekend of the 13th) Love ya all,
10/03/06 19:10:57
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