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Posted by: Robert
We had our 20-week ultrasound last week. According to the technician, her visualization of a "Big Mac" indicates the baby is a girl!

Here's a couple of shots of her relaxing during the ultrasound.
Tasty Thumb


Kickin it
Apparently she likes to have her picture taken!


NINA =) wrote:

okay. these are way better than seeing your sweaty burnt faces! (excluding asheley!) lol. sweet. ANOTHER pangelinan grand-DAUGHTER! lol. yaaaayyy!!! beware robert..i foresee a gucci babyshoes wearin', juicy couture sweatsuit sportin', christian dior glass bottle drinkin', tiffany's rattle rattlin', burberry stroller strollin fashionista in your near future!! lmao. now where are the BELLY PICTURES!?!?
12/17/08 22:03:23

NINArochelle =) wrote:

okay..i just realized your reference to a "big mac"! don't you know a big mac has TWO hamburger patties and three pieces of bread?! i'm pretty sure she only has ONE hamburger patty and two pieces of bread.
12/18/08 08:19:06

Robert wrote:

Without getting too detailed on female anatomy, on the ultrasound you can only see the three buns representing two outer parts and one generally inner part. The baby is not a boy because no "turtle" was visible. Beyond that, you'll have to ask the ultrasound tech.

With regard to "belly pictures", I'll need authorization first but I'll see what I can do.
12/18/08 15:18:53
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