I've been told I am supposed to make more frequent entries to keep people up to date. Seems like summer just ended and now September is already gone too. Some time in August Bella started to laugh and giggle for real. Check out this video:


Over Labor Day weekend we went on another road trip. This time we went to Old Town Sacramento, Mount Shasta and Crater Lake.

D and I at Crater Lake

Ash at Crater Lake

Denise and Bella at Lake Shasta

Asheley turned 14 in September. We had a small gathering to celebrate the occasion.

Ash turns 14!

Asheley went to her first high school dance. I took pictures in the photobooth and tried to keep an eye on Asheley. It was better than any dance my high school ever had!

Ash at the rave

And Bella just keeps getting cuter!


Well, I think so anyway.

At the controls!

That's it for now!

Esta Later!