OK, so it's been a while and I really haven't been keeping up on the blog since Bella was born. Anyway, here's what we've been up to since her birthday.

We celebrated Bella's birthday with everyone on March 20. The Tiki Lounge threw Bella a great bash, she even had her own cake!

The sugar quickly took effect.

We went on a visit to the Oakland Zoo. Bella was still a little too young for the petting zoo area.
The Zoo

D's license was up for renewal so she decided to get a motorcycle license as well. She took the MSF course and it rained on the day of her test but eventually she passed.
D in the rain.

Her first bike was a Yamaha V-Star and she learned to handle it pretty quickly.
D's V-Star

Before we knew it, she was upgrading to a Harley.
D's Nightster

Oh, by the way, I got one too!
Scobobby's Fat Boy

Bella had her first visit to an amusement park and went on her first rides.
Bella's first ride!

She loved it, she only cried when they stopped!
Bella riding by herself!

Dad came to visit and we went to the Carmel Mission
Us at the Carmel Mission

and on the Niles Canyon train.
On the train!

We took Bella to the aquarium and she loved it! We could barely tear her away from the glass.
Bella at the aquarium

We made our annual pilgrimage to Hawaii around July 4th! The surf is pretty calm in summertime.
The North Shore

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Yosemite, Mono Lake and Bodie!
Mono Lake

Finally, we went on our longest bike trip so far to Street Vibrations in Reno.

It's been a busy year here at the Tiki Lounge. I'll post more pictures in the gallery when I get a chance.

Esta Later
Round and round we go!