Well, its October and that means Asheley-Fest 2006 is officially over. It was a busy month filled with steel drum music and parties.
Harry Best and Shabang

We had parent meetings for both volleyball and the school play on Ash's birthday. Papa Wayne came by and we had a small celebration.
Asheley's Birthday

That weekend the Tiki Lounge hosted a sleepover party with Ash's friends. They played lasertag and moved to Dance Dance Revolution.
Ash and friends

The following week the lounge hosted a party for family and friends. Chef Jay outdid himself. The menu included chicken kelaguen made with fresh coconut.

We also had beef kelaguen, red rice, fried chicken, BBQ spare ribs and more. There was plenty to eat and drink!

We had a full house. There were some faces we hadn't seen in a while and some who had never been to the Tiki Lounge before.
Dave, Frankie, Uncle Frank, Auntie Debbie, Asheley and Tehani

Everyone had a great time.
Lani, Lea and Tehani Jay, Anna and Jonas
Doreen and Ash Denise and Ash
Even the kids.

Ash-Fest concluded with the Central Mustangs inaugural volleybell game where they beat Jordan handily.
Bionic Girly-Girl

That's all the news from Scobobby's Tiki Lounge for now. We'll try to get more pictures up in the photo gallery soon.

Y'all come back now! Y'hear?

Hang loose!