That?s right. Recent spy photos of Bella indicate she has enrolled in NASA?s top secret ?Space Babies? program. NASA is hugely selective about who it sends in to space and Bella?s parents are proud she has been invited to participate. The Tiki Lounge Staff fully support her aspirations to become the youngest astronaut in the history of space travel.

The proud parents!

Since the Mercury Seven were selected in 1959, over 41,000 people have applied to become an astronaut, yet only 321 have been chosen. Luckily for Bella, the training program has changed a lot over fifty years. No longer is it a prerequisite that you are a male aged 25-40, less than 5?11? tall, college educated, and a USAF test pilot with three years experience. Today women are also able to apply and civilians including teachers, scientists and even newborn babies line up alongside military-trained applicants.

The following photos show Bella in what are obviously various training and test regimens leading up to a mission.

Babies are used to receiving food in a space-friendly containers!

G-force and flight testing
Strapped in for lift-off!

Pressure chamber testing
Looking through a porthole.

The use of centrifuges has long since been abandoned with the advance of materials science. Highly adapted space suits have reduced the g-force side effects of vomiting, fainting and dirty diapers that accompanied launch and re-entry training.

Although we have been unable to contact NASA to confirm Bella has been selected for the program, via a confidential source we were able to obtain an advance copy of Bella?s official NASA photo.


Esta later!
Houston, we have a baby!